Los Angeles


Los Angeles

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  • Welcome to LA. The city of stars, warm weather and the contrastic colors. This preset represents Los Angeles on his best. Warm tones in combination with beautiful blue colors like the sky/water and as finishing touch a little bit of grain. No noise, but grain. Grain makes your picture more clean and filmic, while noise is creating black or white dots in your picture, Nobody wants that. Did you know the most american films are using a film grain? Now you know.


    You will receive 6 presets when buying this pack. They are all nice to use, but there is always one that match the best woth your picture.


Hi i'm Nick. A filmmaker who loves to use color gradingl. One day, i saw many advertisements of LUTs/presets with too perfect pictures. Unreal for the most people... So i decided to create presets for the normal people. Create a professional picture with just your phone.

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